Saturday, November 5, 2016

Which keywords tool do you like,Secockpit or Google Keywords App?

Secockpit is a keyword analysis software to assist web masters find ideal and niche keywords in few clicks.To be honest,if you want to make profit online,the first step is to choose a good keywords,but where to start or how to choose a good keyword?It is a headache for lots of newbies.The secockpit is a great tool that can help you choose a ideal keyword and save you lots of time,just a few click,you can get lots of good keywords.

Secockpit is not a free tool,you should pay at least $47 per month to use the software.When you lanuch the software,insert the keyword you would like to promote,It will generate lots of related keywords,and most of them are long tail keywords.Of course,If you don't want to pay so much money for the secockpit,you can also use the google keywords tool on google adwords dashboard.But I still think secockpit is much better than google keywords tool.

I have posted the SECockpit report here - just want to give you and other seo newbie enough information to make a decision whether SECockpit is the perfect keyword research program for your need.

My aim isn't to provide you with an unrealistic and hyped up review of SECockpit which you can find on some other webpages.

I have been lucky enough to apply SECockpit since the first time when the software was release. I have seen the software develop and evolve into the completely featured keyphrase research tool it's today.